San Diego Sinks

San Diego sinks are often overlooked when they are in fact the most used component in any bathroom or kitchen. Think about how many times you wash your hands, rinse things off, do the dishes, brush your teeth, and so on. When you take a minute to think about it, sinks are one of the most vital fixtures in our homes which is why it’s about time we start putting more consideration into what type of sink we use in our kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. In the kitchen and laundry room, a sink is all about functionality. In the kitchen you want a sink that can fit a lot of dishes, makes easy to prep food, and much more, all while tying in well with your décor choices. During the remodeling process, many people focus on tile, countertops, and cabinetry, all of which are important to creating a beautiful kitchen. The problem is that the sink is quite often an afterthought. When choosing a kitchen sink, the daily functions it serves should be one of your primary focuses. There is a huge variety of sink shapes, sizes, materials and embellishments that exist that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect sink for your home. For those who do a lot of cooking and cleaning, a deeper sink will be necessary to avoid splashing and allow space for optimal washing, we recommend between 10 to 12 inches deep. While there are a lot of sink styles out on the market today, we have found that apron or farmhouse sinks often work well for those cook frequently as it has adequate room for preparing food and washing dishes afterward. These sinks also work well in laundry rooms because they reduce spills and splashing. As for materials, popular choices for kitchen sinks are composite which is resistant to heat up 535 degrees Fahrenheit as well as cast iron which is highly resistant to cracking. The bathroom sink has a different set of functions that deserves its own unique design. Unlike kitchen and laundry room sinks, bathroom sinks can be shallow because we rarely put things in them. The bathroom sink offers a lot more freedom for style based choices due to its particular usage such as washing your hands and brushing your teeth; both of which don’t require much space. For the bathroom, we recommend undermount sinks, which have become a popular choice due to their sleek appearance and ease of use. Bathroom sinks offer a lot more freedom in style and materials because you won’t be setting heavy things like pots in them and won’t have nearly as high of a risk of cracking them. If you’re considering¬†remodeling or updating your sinks, Plumbing Plus offers a wide variety of vendors to choose from with their own distinct styles. We are the plumbing experts that San Diegans have trusted for over thirty years so you can count on us to get the job done right. Our expert plumbing technicians have years of training and experience and are prepared to assist you with all of your plumbing needs. If you would like to explore you options for replacing your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room sinks, come down to our Poway showroom to speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. Our showroom has samples of sinks, faucets, and handles from our world renowned designers so you can get a hands on experience. Plumbing Plus is San Diego’s choice for quick and efficient plumbing services, give us a call today to get started on your project.
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