Avoid These Plumbing Problems When You Have Your Family Over This Holiday Season

Happy Holidays from Plumbing Plus

The holidays are upon us, and while they are certainly a time of joy and cheer for all, they can also spell disaster for your plumbing. With all the people coming in and out of your house, your plumbing system is likely to see more use this season that at any other time of the year. The last thing you want to do is deal with an emergency plumbing situation when your home is filled with family and friends, so take precautions now to ensure disaster doesn’t strike over the next few months. Our experienced Poway plumbers offer a range of special deals and promotions, allowing you to get the services you need this time of year without breaking the bank. Keep reading to learn our top three plumbing problems to avoid for the holidays, and make sure to call Plumbing Plus whenever you need affordable plumbing services.

The Top 3 Plumbing Problems to Avoid This Holiday Season:

1. Drain & Sewer Problems: Chances are your drains and sewer will get a lot of use over the holidays, putting them at greater risk for backups and leaks. Consider hiring Plumbing Plus for drain cleaning, and make sure your holiday season isn’t interrupted by any nasty sewer and drain line problems. With $50 off comprehensive drain cleaning, now is the perfect time to schedule service and protect your home and family.

2. Garbage Disposal Clogs: If you are going to be preparing a lot of food over the holiday season, you will want to take steps to protect your kitchen sink. This is particularly true when it comes to your garbage disposal, which may strain under the weight of your increased cooking and food preparation. That’s why Plumbing Plus is offering a special on the cutting-edge InSinkErator Contractor 333, 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer. With installation usually runs $499, for a limited time, we are carrying this industry-leading product for just $399! Call now, and get this amazing deal as an early Christmas present to yourself!

3. A Lack of Hot Water: Are your family or in-laws coming in for the holidays? Make sure every cousin, aunt, uncle, and other distant relatives has enough hot water this winter, by installing a conventional or tankless water heater from Plumbing Plus! Even if you are not sure your water heater needs to be replaced yet, you should still call our plumbing technicians for a free estimate! Take advantage of this $49 value now, before guests come into town to visit.

For more information on specials and deals, call (858) 251-6812, or contact us online. And until the next time we see you, Happy Holidays from Plumbing Plus!

$50 Off Any Drain Cleaning $399 InSinkErator Garbage Disposer Installation $200 Off Tankless Water Heater Installation
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