How to Tell the Difference between a Good and a Bad Plumber

This year’s National Fix a Leak Week is over. It was a reminder to all of us to check for plumbing leaks. As we are well aware, San Diegans quite often prefer fixing minor issues themselves rather than hiring a plumber. Nonetheless, no man is an island and in some cases and the problems can’t be solved without seeking out professional help. As a member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association and of the San Diego community, Plumbing Plus has been devoted to helping residents and businesses not only during the Fix a Leak Week but whenever we get a call. Leak prevention, plumbing installation, emergencies, repairs or renovations - it is always good to have an experienced team of professionals around. Nevertheless, in some cases you may find it difficult to tell the difference between a good and a bad plumber. So hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. After the basic questions asked and answered, there are a few more matters to consider. The leading San Diego Plumbing Service gives you some guidelines.

Good references

Your plumber needs to have a license. You should do the research on the internet, look for customer reviews and ask the company for references as well. When you get the answer, don’t take them at their word - double-check the information given. A company with good references or a solid reputation is a must-have when hiring an expert. A recommendation from your friend or a relative is also a big plus.


Being in business for years or decades also speaks for the company reputation, although it might not always be the case that disreputable companies get out of business fast. Asking about the plumber’s previous work experience can be useful to validate his expertise.


A plumber who doesn’t answer the phone, doesn’t call back nor meets a deadline is a nightmare to every client who wants to get the plumbing issues resolved as soon as possible. Reliability and efficiency are a high-priority when searching for the right plumber. A 24-hour emergency plumber service (not just on paper, but in reality as well) is not an advantage but a requirement.

Professional precaution

While the price of plumbing services does depend on a few factors like the complexity of the job and a type of service provided and materials used, a plumber who is able to estimate the cost of the work in question over the phone is not acting professionally. Doing an on-site inspection is necessary for a proper assessment of the amount of time necessary and work that needs to be done. It’s also important to look into the average cost of plumbing services for the job in question. Plumbers typically have fixed or flat rates for some projects so they can make a pretty informed guess of the resources needed to complete the job. This way you will have no doubt if the plumber tries to make a profit by taking advantage of you being uninformed. Furthermore, you will be able to plan your budget, and not overpay.


Clothes don’t make the man, but if your plumber shows up in a sullied shirt, without a uniform, with an old dirty toolkit, low-quality plumbing tools and equipment, it is more than obvious that the level of professionalism is low.

Bad, good and a great plumber

A bad plumber will not manage to finish the job on time or will do it poorly. A good plumber will do the job properly within a reasonable timeframe. A great plumber will test the installation a few times to ensure there is no leaks or issues left.

An extra tip from a reputable San Diego Plumbing Service

Also, remember that cheaper is often more expensive in the long run. Mostly, you get what you pay for. Hiring a low-priced plumber might mean that your problem is going to get just a short-term solution. Whatever the case may be, you should ask about the warranty. Plumbers with high-performance standards usually provide a guarantee after the completed work. If you are still having doubts about knocking on the right door in search for the best San Diego plumbing service, you can always cut to the chase and contact Plumbing Plus anytime at (858) 242-4590 if any inquires exist or emergencies occur.