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Understanding the makeup of your water is the first step in the water treatment process. Does your water come from a private source or a municipality? It’s important to understand what’s in your water. That is why the EPA sends a water report to municipal water users every year. The report contains information regarding what impurities they found during sample testing, where the water comes from, as well as what is in the water.

Plumbing Plus is your top choice for water treatment services in the local and surrounding areas. You can reach our San Diego County plumbers by calling (858) 242-4590.

Tests can be performed to help determine your water treatment needs. The municipal water tests are relatively easy and offered for free. More comprehensive tests are needed for well water users, but they can be done for a reasonable cost.

The Importance of Water Treatment

Filtered water is better because:

  • It’s odor-free - Filtered water tastes great and often leads to increased water consumption, which has many health benefits
  • It’s chemical-free - Chemicals that are used in municipal water treatment are bad to consume
  • It saves time and money - Refilling bottles at home for water consumption saves plastic and money. It is also more convenient than buying bottled water
  • It improves your overall health - When you bathe, your lungs act as filters as they take in the chemicals put out by the shower steam. Having clean, conditioned water benefits your skin as well

There are quite a few benefits that come with our water treatment services in Poway. For example, your water quality significantly improves. It also creates a healthier living environment that has no risk for hard water.

Hard water is really harsh on your skin and in your body because:

  • Water that’s conditioned lathers up better and does not require as much soap
  • Soft water is more efficient and extends the lifespans of your water fixtures
  • Conditioned water prevents scale buildup on your fixtures

Types of Water Treatment Services & Their Benefits

Water filtration is a type of water treatment that reduces and removes impurities in your home’s water supply. This filtration can occur not only at the point of use but also at the point of entry. Water conditioning is another way to treat water. The treatment controls the levels of calcium and magnesium that occur in untreated water, which can cause buildup and other scale problems. At Plumbing Plus, we make it our responsibility to ensure that you don’t encounter frustrating problems. Clean water is a necessity. That’s why our water treatment services are available for a great price.

Contact us at (858) 242-4590 to learn more about our water treatment services in Poway and all of San Diego County. We can improve your water and your health.

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