10 Surefire Ways To Prevent Drain Clogs

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to reach for a plunger or for that bottle of drain cleaner ever again? Not only would you save time, you’d save money on those chemical cleaning products as well as on plumbing repairs if and when those clogs got out of hand. Well, we can’t guarantee that you’ll never have a clogged drain again, but if you follow the 10 tips below, you’ll certainly reduce the risk!

1 - Use Drain Strainers

You should be using these inexpensive, yet effective devices in all sinks, showers and tubs throughout the house, especially where you don’t have garbage disposals installed. It’s an easy way to prevent food scraps and hair from entering the drain — two of the primary culprits of most clogged drains.

2 - Bottle or Jar Cooking Grease

It can be quite tempting to pour grease, oils and fats down the drain after cooking a delicious meal, but do whatever it takes to stop yourself. Instead, let them cool a bit in the pan or dish and then pour them into an old sauce jar or glass bottle. It’s best to dispose of them in the trash.

3 - Perform Weekly Maintenance

Just like other devices and equipment in your home, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of doing a bit of maintenance on your drains. Once a week, pour a few dashes of baking soda down there, followed by a cup of vinegar. Then rinse with hot water to keep things flowing.

4 - Don’t Rinse Work Supplies/Tools

It may sound like common sense, but we find that lots of DIYers like to rinse cement, grout or joint compound tools and equipment in their sinks or tubs. All of the above harden when they dry which can cause rock-hard clogs in the drain.

5 - Bathe Pets Outside

The next time it’s time for Fido’s bath, we suggest heading outdoors. Pet hair can shed even more than human hair and can quickly back up just about any sink or tub drain.

6 - Trash Food Scraps

You may think tiny little particles like coffee grounds, egg shells or small pieces of pasta will have no problem washing down the drain. Think again. It’s best to put all food scraps in the trash rather than trying to dispose of them in the sink.

7 - Run Cold Water

Each time you turn on the garbage disposal, you should also turn on the cold water. This will help carry waste materials all the way through the drainage system rather than allowing it to settle inside the pipes.

8 - Place Trash Bins In The Bathroom

If there’s no trash bin in the bathroom, it’s not uncommon for people to toss hygiene products into the sink or toilet. Remind friends and family members to throw things like cotton swabs, cotton balls, dental floss and band-aids in the garbage.

9 - No Bleach, No Chemicals

Products containing harsh chemicals should be kept out of the sink. These materials can wear away at pipes and plumbing systems and could cause major headaches.

10 - Designate Play Areas

Have young children? We all know how curious they can be, especially when it comes to see if their toys can float in the sink or toilet. Remind them that toys of all shapes and sizes can clog drains and should only be played with in certain areas of the house.

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