5 Unfamiliar Dangers of Dirty Water

Hidden Dangers of Unfiltered Water

You probably already know that dirty water doesn’t taste so great and you may even know that it could potentially make you sick. But there are lots of hidden dangers lurking in unsanitary, unfiltered water and they can take a more toll on you and your family. See below to find out five things using or consuming dirty water can do to you, that may not be top-of-mind:

1 - Vomiting and Diarrhea

You may be thinking contaminated water could give you a minor cold or maybe even a headache, but did you know it can cause severe vomiting and/or diarrhea?

Bacteria and parasites commonly found in water supplies can cause some major problems within your gastrointestinal tract including the above, in addition to aches and pains and cramping.

2 - Reproductive Issues

It may sound like a bit of a stretch, but drinking polluted water for an extended period of time can lead to reproductive problems like infertility. If you’re planning on having a child any time soon, you may want to put some strong thought into switching over to a cleaner, purer source of water.

3 - Hepatitis A

This communicable disease is preventable with vaccines, but it can easily be transmitted to unvaccinated peoples through contaminated water. Some of the symptoms of Hepatitis A include fatigue, low appetite, stomach pain, and nausea.

4 - Cancer

Although it’s not extremely common, there are types of cancers (like leukemia) that can stem from drinking contaminated water for a long period of time.

5 - Developmental Problems

Dirty or contaminated water has also been linked to learning disabilities.

So, what can you do to eliminate some of the risks that come along with using or consuming dirty water?

Water filtration is a type of water treatment that reduces and removes impurities in your home’s water supply. This filtration can occur not only at the point of use but also at the point of entry. Water conditioning is another way to treat water. The treatment controls the levels of calcium and magnesium that occur in untreated water, which can cause buildup and other scale problems.

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