A look back to 2015 High Tech Bathroom Trends

2015 High Tech Bathroom Trends As technology becomes more and more impressive, it is no surprise that people are seeking high tech bathroom solutions. As the leading plumbing company in San Diego, Plumbing Plus has forecasted the 2015 high tech bathroom trends we will be seeing this year. San Diego is a particularly trendy city that is known for its adoption of innovation solutions in luxurious bathrooms of all varieties. Convenience is key in the busy lives of San Diegans living each day to the fullest; many of the 2015 high tech bathroom trends are centered on bringing this much needed convenience into the bathroom. Walk in showers have been a prime choice for many bathroom remodels over the last few years, but for added convenience we’re seeing modified walk in showers are now the way to go. Double showers, with smart technology integrated into them are going to be big this year. Double showers offer the spacious comfort of the walk in shower but with added convenience. Double showers allow two people to shower at the same time under their own individual shower head, with their own customized water settings. The ability to customize water temperature, flow, and pressure make high tech double showers the very best option in comfort and convenience. In addition to custom shower technology, high tech faucets are one of the hottest 2015 high tech bathroom trends being seen in San Diego bathrooms and kitchens this year. High tech faucets are faucets that are sensor-operated, providing a means to hands free hand-washing. While sensor-operated faucets aren’t something , they’re seen in nearly every public restroom and establishment, they are now making their way into homes. Those with small children can see a variety of benefits from sensor-operated faucets, above sanitary benefits, the sensor only engages in water flow when it is active so you won’t have to worry about overflowing sinks from forgetfulness. While high tech faucets are convenient and sanitary, they also reduce water waste, saving about 70% of water that would otherwise just go down the drain, which has become a priority for San Diego residents in the face of the current draught situation. Not all 2015 high tech bathroom trends are about convenience, some are about being environmentally conscious which is becoming increasingly important in today’s society. Low flow and dual flow toilets have become popular options for bathrooms in 2015. Low flow toilets come in two types, single flow and dual flow. While both types of low flow toilets conserve water, dual flow toilets are the more efficient of the two. Dual flow toilets offer two options for flushing waste so that unnecessary water usage does not occur. Low flow toilets provide home owners a means to conserving water in their home that can directly affect the water situation in their community. While converting to a low flow toilet may be more expensive up front, they can greatly reduce your water use which will reflect on bills in the future. Low flow toilets are one of the top 2015 high tech bathroom trends that we will be seeing in more and more San Diego bathrooms because not only do they reduce water waste, they allow you a way to contribute to conservation in a manner that is convenient to you and your family. These 2015 high tech bathroom trends are sure to pick up traction over the next year in San Diego bathrooms. Upgrading to high tech solutions in your bathroom can provide increased convenience, reduced costs in the long run, and potentially benefit the environment. If you are interested in integrating some of these high tech solutions into your bathroom, Plumbing Plus is San Diego residents’ choice for all their plumbing solutions. Whatever upgrades or changes you want to make in your bathroom this year, Plumbing Plus is here to lend a helping hand.