Bathroom Remodel Trends

Have you decided to have your bathroom remodeled? Here's what's trendy this year, if you are looking for ideas. National Bath And Kitchen Association reports that homeowners have become more interested in sleek, unfussy design that looks contemporary and fresh. Rustic elements haven’t been done away with, but they have become incorporated in the sleek glamour.

The floor is the centerpiece

The floor can be the blank canvas for the homeowners' creativity. Bold tile design, shape or color can be the element that brings everything else together with its uniqueness.

Think about grout

Grout isn't just a building material. It can be integrated into the design concept. Matching color of the grout and tiles will give the bathroom a continuous look, whereas a darker shade or a contrasting color can complement the tiles beautifully. A contrasting grout color would do great with an ornate tile pattern.

Gray is the king

Color gray has become hot with a capital H. Gray is wonderful because of it so flexible and can work in different combinations, both as a complementing and an accent color. And it doesn't work excellently with various colors only – it's also highly transformative with different materials.

Think about the lighting

Lighting is also an important detail when it comes to design as it influences the impression one has of the room. Bright lights will lend the bathroom a modern atmosphere. If you’d like to make the bathroom a place of relaxation, soft lights will make it feel like a spa. It’s important you think about lighting before the works start because of the necessary holes.

Spacious shower

Showers have grown into closet sizes. Enormous walk-in showers are very high in demand now.

Freestanding Bathtubs

As opposed to the previously mentioned trend, stand-alone tubs are all the rage. They evoke the spa feel and make the bathroom a place of oblivion and indulgence where you recharge your batteries. They have also transformed the distribution of elements in the bathroom as they have taken the center place, making everything else revolve around them.

Natural elements

If you are a nature lover, you should know that nature-inspired elements are very hip. Wood and stone are good options for materials and they will bring a feeling of connectedness. If you like bold moves in design, think about a living wall. They can look striking and the plants will enjoy the moisture in the bathroom.

Sustainable bathroom

Sustainability goes hand in hand with energy efficiency, which is beneficial for the planet, but also for you. There is a huge variety of bathroom fixtures with multiple energy stars. There are low-flow toilets and shower heads, dual-flush toilets, tankless water heaters, gray water system and the list just goes on. Piping insulation will also make your bathroom more efficient, as it will lose less heat. Sustainability is also reflected in using recycled and upcycled items. You can come by old fixtures and refurbish them if you are into the vintage style.

Bathroom remodel in San Diego County

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