Expert San Diego Plumbers Reveal 5 Habits Harmful To Your Bathroom

Hair Caught in DrainMost homeowners enjoy spending time in their bathroom, whether they are taking long and relaxing showers, taking selfies or getting ready for work. Many of them aren’t even aware that some of their daily habits can be extremely harmful to the plumbing. Leading San Diego Plumbers have compiled a list of 5 harmful habits that you need to root out immediately!

Treating your toilet like a trash can

Many homeowners realize that the toilet is not a valid replacement for a trash can only when it becomes too late. Things other than toilet paper like wet wipes, paper towels and some feminine products do not belong in the toilet, they belong in the trash. Instead of using a toilet, get a small trash can next to it if you haven’t already, in order to avoid plumbing problems before it is too late.

Mind your long hair

If you have long hair, you should try to prevent it from reaching the pipes. Hair mixed with dirt and soap will clog your pipes before you know it. To prevent this, make sure you have a drain filter in place to stop the hair from reaching the pipes and prevent a disaster.

Hard water: Bathroom enemy number 1

If you regularly find a white, chalk-like substance on your faucets and the showerhead it is likely that hard water is running through your pipes. That means that the water mixes with soil and rocks before it comes out of your tap. This contact increases the water’s mineral content and is bound to cause corrosion with time. A good way to solve this problem is to install a water softening system.

The bathroom is not a sauna

We enjoy taking a long, hot shower as much as any other homeowner. We love to relax and enjoy the pouring hot water and the purifying steam. Unfortunately the same steam can be harmful to the walls and fixtures as it can attract mold and nourish its development. If you do not remove the molds you may experience respiratory difficulties and develop other serious health issues. If you plan on taking long, hot showers, be sure to run the fan or open a window during your shower.

Stop using liquid drain cleaners

Liquid Drain Cleaners are one of the gravest bathroom enemies. While they are the go-to solution for most homeowners, these products are harmful not only to your pipes but the environment as well. There are a number of alternatives that will not harm your drains and can help you with your problem. However, the best way to unclog the drain is to contact a professional plumber to snake the clog out.

Be ready for a plumbing emergency

In case you find yourself going through a plumbing emergency, you should be sure to have a trustworthy plumber in San Diego on your speed-dial. With over 30 years of experience, Plumbing Plus takes pride in our top quality work and customer satisfaction. Our expert plumbers are available 24/7, so if you ever need to contact an emergency plumber in San Diego, be sure to give us a call.