Hard Water: Adverse Effects and Prevention

Hard Water and a Leaking FaucetMost American households, roughly 85% of them, share the same water condition known as hard water. As water passes through rocks and soil on the way to our home, it picks up various minerals which are dissolved in the water, for example magnesium and calcium. When the content of these minerals in the water is above average to high, the water is considered hard. Some claim that hard water can have negative effects on your health, your skin and your hair. Any plumber in San Diego will contend that hard water can damage your plumbing system as well, leading to a plumbing emergency. All things considered, here’s why having hard water in your home is bad and how to prevent large-scale water damage.

The Bad Sides of Hard Water

Hard water is laced with minerals known to leave stains on your dishes or clothes. This residue can make your clothes itchy and ruin them over time, as well as leave a white coat on your dishes. Hard water contains minerals like lead, iron and zinc which have no health benefits and can cause a variety of health issues such as acne, irritation, skin inflammation and are linked to psoriasis. Some studies even link using hard water to hair loss, due to the high amount of positively charged minerals that react with your hair. This can cause a variety of issues such as an itchy scalp, dandruff, split ends and worst of all, hair loss. While some people prefer the taste of hard water, depending on its mineral structure, hard water can be smelly and undrinkable too. The best way to check if your water is safe to consume is to consult the local Water Quality control report.

The Effects of Hard Water on Your Plumbing Installations

Aside from various health and aesthetic issues we mentioned, hard water can do serious damage to your plumbing installations. The residue from the water can accumulate inside your pipelines and fixtures. The buildup of mineral residue can cause clogs, leading to an increased chance of burst pipes and leaks. This is why it is a good idea to schedule regular maintenance with a trusted San Diego plumber to prevent any plumbing accidents before they occur. Even appliances like dishwashers or washing machines can be damaged by hard water. It can cause irreparable damage as the mineral residue can lead to clogs forming in the system. Hard water residue also accumulates in your water heater, which can result in the heating element operating at a significantly lower capacity, in turn using more energy to compensate. So, if your electrical bill seems unusually high, have a plumber check your water heater for mineral residue.

How to Prevent a Disaster

We’ve already covered the benefits of water filtration. Some water softeners can reduce the unwanted mineral buildup, while preserving the taste and the beneficial minerals found in hard water. Thus, a water softener system will eliminate the risk of your appliances or plumbing fixtures suffering irreparable damage, while retaining all the good aspects of hard water. Contact Plumbing Plus, the leading San Diego plumbing service if you have any questions regarding water filtration systems and their installation.