High Temperatures and Plumbing

Plumbing Problems Caused by High Temperatures

Scorching high temperatures bring about some frequent plumbing problems. Here are some things you might want to be careful about. Detecting a plumbing problem early on usually minimizes the stress and the financial burden. So, check these at your home and nip the problem in the bud.

Slab Leaks

It quite surprising, but the number one factor contributing to leakage in the pipes below your floor are high temperatures. Not exactly boiling temperatures as such, but more the reaction between them and copper pipes that carry water. Do you notice any droplets of water on a wall or under the carpet? Is there any mildew there? Does some part of your floor feel warmer than the rest? That could be a case of a hot-water pipe leak. Call in professionals to investigate your slab leak properly and to prevent any further damage to your home.

Clogged garbage disposal

Be careful while preparing summer cookouts. Your garbage disposal is not as tough and durable as you think, so be careful what you send down there. This is especially true about watermelon and corn, any other hard and fibrous stuff. Maybe it won’t clog the disposal, but it’ll probably affect the blades, which are the heart of this kitchen amenity. Refrain from throwing cooking oils and grease left over from grilling, as these can also prove harmful. It’s a good idea to let some cold water run through the drain for a few seconds before and after you use the disposal.

Washing machine problems

Summer and hot weather is a heavy-duty period for your machine. Spending time outdoors, enjoying nature, having get-togethers and doing some sports call for more frequent usage of your washing machine. We recommend you stay in while the machine is doing its job. That way you can react quickly in the case something goes wrong. Check the hoses for any kinks and bulges. Make sure you leave some space between the machine and the wall, so you don’t cause a kink in the hose.

Watering hose and sprinklers

Your garden can be a real refuge in long summer days. A lot of people enjoy doing some gardening. If you have a green thumb, be careful with the hose when you are watering your plants. Don’t jerk the hose for two reasons, at least: one, it can produce a tear in the hose and two, which is more important, you can accidentally disengage the bib. That would result in a sudden water show spurting from the broken bib, which you wouldn’t be able to stop. Sprinklers are especially easily harmed by mowers. Take extra care when doing lawn manicure and keep your eyes to the ground in front of you. You would be amazed by how many people “decapitate” their sprinklers while cutting the grass. Apart from this, checking sprinkler heads from time to time would be in order.

Clogged sewer lines

Excessive summer showers often cause line backup, because they get into the pipes through cracks and holes. Another thing that often occurs is that tree roots grow towards sewer lines. This is because the sewer lines carry water and even some nutrients, so when the temperatures are high, roots are naturally attracted to the pipes. Then they find cracks and get into the pipe, obstructing the flow, or even worse, completely shutting it off. Bear in mind that sewer carries toxic human waste and you shouldn’t try to tackle this problem on your own. It’s best left to professionals who have the knowledge and equipment to deal with sewer line repair.