Is a Water Filtration System Really Worth The Investment?

Why Water Filtration Systems are Worth the Investment

Did you know the average person spends over $100 per year on bottled water? If you have a family of four, that means you’re spending close to $500 every single year on water alone. So, is there a better solution? There sure is! Adding a water filtration system to your home has a number of benefits and it goes well beyond simply saving on bottles.

A whole house water filtration installation is a great way to take your ordinary tap water and turn it into so much more. While it’s a big investment, it’s one that we believe is worth the time and money. By making the change, you can create an improved quality of life for you and your family. See below to find out why it’s worth the investment, plus some additional benefits!

Top Spots For Water Filtration

While a whole house water filtration system will, as the name implies, filter water throughout your entire house, there are certain areas where you’ll notice drastic improvements:

The Bathroom: water filtration systems will provide limescale protection for tub and bathroom fixtures in addition to providing healthier skin and hair. After all, hard water can dry out your skin and leave your hair feeling brittle and damaged.

The Kitchen: not only will you notice improved drink flavor from tap water in the kitchen, a water filtration system will help reduce limescale stains, spots on dishware, and improve the quality of water you use for cooking.

Water Filtration System Benefits

Cleaner, purer water has a plethora of benefits throughout your home that you probably aren’t even thinking of. Keep in mind that a filtration system is a great addition to any home, but will only work properly if it is installed correctly. See below to find out some additional benefits of a whole house water filtration system:

Decreases Need For Plumbing Maintenance: having filtered water in your home reduces the amount of sediment and rust found in your water which means less of a need for plumbing maintenance. As contaminated water travels through plumbing equipment, it tends to cause malfunctions and wears down pipes and tanks over time.

Helps Remove Lead: lead is a harmful substance known for having severe health effects including birth defects and respiratory problems. A water filtration system works to remove lead from water so you can rest assured the next time you take a sip!

Rids Water of Chlorine: sure, this chemical will help keep your swimming pool clean, but it can cause major problems if it’s ingested. Some of the known issues caused by chlorine include rectal, bladder and colon cancer.

Helps Arm Your Body Against Illness: believe it or not, illnesses and diseases are commonly transported through water. Water filtration systems will help remove particulates from the water that are known to weaken your immune system and make you sick.

Improves Indoor Air Quality: just think about how much water you and your family use on a daily basis. From cooking and bathing to washing clothes and quenching thirst, water is constantly splashing around and moisture is filling up the air. With a water filtration system, you won’t have to worry that your water is filling the air with toxins and chemicals.

While some of the benefits are clearly monetary, they are a number of additional perks you’ll receive from having a whole house water filtration installed in your home. So the answer is, yes! Water filtration is definitely worth the investment if you ask us!

Adding a water filtration system that goes through your entire home is an investment, which is why we only offer you top quality options from premier vendors for an affordable price. You will no longer have to spend money on pre-packed water and refills at water stations. Plumbing Plus is your reliable source for choosing and installing your whole house water filtration system.

Want to learn more, or find out what type of system is right for your home? Don’t hesitate to give the Poway plumbers at Plumbing Plus a call today.