Poway, California Drain Cleaning: Tips and Tricks

Drain Cleaning Poway California If water flows away very slowly, it is a clear indication you have a clog somewhere down the drain. Note if you require a 24 hour plumber click here. Drains commonly get clogged because people often use them as garbage disposals. As a consequence, gunk builds up and you need to clean the drain, before the water and debris cause a dirty mess in your kitchen or bathroom. Luckily, there are some things you can do yourself, while others require you to consider professional Poway, California drain cleaning options.

What you can do

The good news is that large-scale drain cleaning can be prevented if you change some of your habits concerning garbage disposal. There are some simple DIY tricks you can try out and save money, energy and water.

Plunge shallow clogs

If the gunk isn’t located deep, you can simply use a plunger. It is a rather unpleasant experience, but it gives immediate results with shallow clogs. Just make sure you have your bathroom gloves on. If, however, gunk is visible and sticking out from the drain, simply use a coat hanger hook and take it out.

Mix baking soda and vinegar

If plunging doesn’t do the trick, most people will go for chemical cleaners right away. Most chemical cleaners are toxic and therefore dangerous to you and the environment. That is why you should explore healthier and eco-friendlier solutions. Try out a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, half a cup each, for a safe and non-toxic drain cleaning.

Check your water meter

Clogged drains may indicate a more serious problem, such as broken pipes or drains somewhere in the house. To make sure you don’t overlook it, check you water meter regularly. If it doesn’t read the same in the periods when you don’t use water, there is probably a leak somewhere in the system. More importantly, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

What you can’t do

If the gunk isn’t visible and DIY tricks do no good, the problem is more serious and should be taken care of by a professional. You don’t have to waste money on full-on plumbing projects. You can easily prevent them by having someone to clearly identify the problem and determine the suitable course of action.

Reach deep clogs

A reliable Poway, California drain cleaning service uses special tools to unclog the drains. Drain cleaning tools such as a ‘’snake’’ are household names across the US, but a motorized snake system is a great deal more efficient. By using motorized drain cleaning equipment, plumbing services ensure your pipes and drains are thoroughly cleaned.

Use sensors to examine the piping structure

Besides using modern tools for cleaning the drain, an expert Poway, California drain cleaning service will make sure the area underneath your property is examined. Through video pipe inspection or sensor technology, a professional can identify the problem in your piping structure and fix it accordingly.

Remove and replace a clogged pipe

In combination with high water pressure, accumulated debris can cause pipes or drains to crack or break, causing leaks. Consequently, water is wasted without you knowing it, and your money irrevocably goes down the drain. In these cases, a trained plumbing expert should remove the leaking pipe and safely install a one.

Establish proper maintenance

A trustworthy Poway, California drain cleaning service doesn’t finish their job once the drain is cleaned. A dependable plumber should give you professional advice on how to maintain the health of your piping structure. That is why Plumbing Plus is the right option. As San Diego’s award winning plumbing service provider, we guarantee supreme workmanship and offer emergency service 24/7!