Sewer Line Repair San Diego Common Issues & Trends

The plumbing and the sewer system are among the most, if not the most important systems in your home. The two working together in harmony is key to a normal life. Without the sewer system, you wouldn’t be able to use your shower, sink or washer. Being that it is so important, proper maintenance is crucial if you want your sewer system to last. However, if you’ve neglected it for too long, chances are you are going to need to repair the sewer line to ensure it keeps serving you well. Here at Plumbing Plus, we offer the best and most reliable sewer line repair in San Diego, and here are just some of the reasons you should consider repairing your sewer line.

The Most Common Sewer Line Issues

The most common reason you might need a plumber to come over is that a clog had formed in the sewer line from all the buildup. Grease, soap scum, food leftovers, and other junk will pile up over time and clog your sewer line. The first symptom of a clogged sewer line is noticing that the plumbing is slow, which quickly escalates into a complete clog and inability to drain. Another common problem giving San Diego homeowners a headache is tree roots growing into the pipe. Trees, like all plants, seek water and latching onto your sewer line is like striking a gold vein to them. The roots might grow into the weak points of the sewer system, like the joints, or even break through the pipes themselves if they are old and their structure had been compromised. Fed by the water that is constantly replenished, the roots will continue to grow and ultimately block the sewer line completely. Another issue can arise from human error. If the joints connecting the sewer line were improperly connected in the first place, they will inevitably start to leak at one point. This will result not only in water leaking out but the sewage as well. Apart from the obvious implications, this could potentially cause serious health issues in your neighborhood. All of these problems will cause your drains to run very slow at first. You might experience localized floods in your basement or the toilet from time to time. This is the final warning sign that you should seek professional sewer line repair in San Diego before the problem escalates further.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

A much cheaper and safer option to sewer line replacement or extensive repairs is having your sewer lines regularly checked and cleaned before any major issues arise. The moment you notice your drains are running slower than usual you need to contact an expert plumbing service to investigate whether the problem is in the sewer lines. The experienced plumbers at Plumbing Plus have various sophisticated methods at their disposal to determine the point of origin of the problem. With video inspection tools to detect the issue and methods like hydro jetting to solve any clogs and intruding roots, our experts will ensure that your sewer system keeps serving you well for years to come.

The Latest San Diego Sewer Line Repair Trends

The longer you wait, the more damage your sewer line will sustain. And the more damage it has sustained, the longer and more involved repairs will be. The orthodox method involves digging up the damaged sections and replacing them with new ones. However, most homeowners aren’t too excited about the mess that ensues, with their yard dug up and the landscape ruined. An alternative to that is a new, less invasive method called trenchless sewer repair, in which case only two holes need to be dug up in your yard. This way you won’t have to worry about the mess or the damage to your lawn. Additionally, you can save a lot of money you would have spent on reseeding the lawn and planting new flowers.

#1 Sewer Line Repair San Diego

Plumbing Plus boasts well-trained plumbing experts familiar with modern plumbing techniques, including trenchless sewer line repair. While this method is the least intrusive one and sought out by many homeowners, the truth is that there are factors that can render this method useless, such as the location and the extent of the damage to the sewer system. This is why you should contact our friendly plumber and seek a free quote. We will discuss your budget and offer the best possible solution to your sewage problems.