What is Hydrojetting?

If you're looking for an effective way to clean out your pipes, you can't forget to hydrojet. This process helps you tackle serious clogs and blockages, leaving you with squeaky clean pipes that drain effortlessly every time

Hydrojetting is a powerful pipe cleaning solution that flushes plumbing with high-pressure water to remove dirt, debris and grime that has built up on the interior walls. Over time, pipes are prone to collecting plenty of residues that don't disappear with a simple rinse.

If you've tried over-the-counter drain cleaners, you might have noticed that they don't offer permanent solutions and should be avoided at all costs as they can wreak havoc on your pipes. In many cases, frequent blockages and water back-up is caused by dirty pipes caked with grease, dirt and other waste.

How does a hydrojet power washer work?

First and foremost, it's important to acknowledge that hydrojetting should only be done by a trained professional plumber. The process is all about skill, and if you don't know the intricacies of home plumbing, you could wind up rupturing your pipes and costing yourself thousands of dollars in damages.

A hydrojet power washer is a hose that is attached to a pressurizing device. A plumber connects the hose to your pipe through a cleanout, a special area in a pipe that allows for easy access.

The power washer is inserted downstream and floods water in the opposite direction, working its way from the bottom up. As debris, dirt and other blockages are dislodged, they move down through the system and are successfully flushed out of your pipes into a main drain line.

Do I need hydrojetting?

If your home suffers from frequent blockages, it could the solution you’ve been looking for. If your sink fills up with water or your shower doesn't drain well, a hydrojet washing should help remove all the soap residue, grease, oil and mineral buildup in your pipes for good.

You may consider hydrojetting if past attempts to clean your pipes have proven temporary or unsuccessful. Persistent draining and water heating problems often require a more direct, hands-on solution.

Why do I need a professional?

Plumbers use video cameras to conduct indoor inspections on your pipes before hydrojetting. This procedure ensures that there isn't any tree root penetration or another significant blockage that could become worse after the process.

Trained plumbers know how to perform diagnostic tests on your pipes before any procedure. If they realize that hydrojetting isn't the right solution, they'll come up with an alternative and find the best way to clean your pipes so you can live clog-free.

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