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Drains commonly present household plumbing problems. They clog easily and are difficult to clean. Our Poway drain cleaning plumbers have seen this first hand, and are now experts at cleaning out drains. Store-bought drain cleaners don’t always work and often result in damage to your pipes and expensive repairs. That’s why it’s best to turn to Plumbing Plus for professional drain cleaning services in Poway, CA.

When you call us for plumbing professionals, we can easily and accurately identify the appropriate course of action, determining whether you simply need a quick drain cleaning or a full repair.

Get in touch with the best drain cleaning plumbers in the area for all your Poway drain cleaning services by calling (858) 251-6812.

Dangers Of Commercial Drain Cleaning

For clogged drains, many homeowners turn to commercial drain cleaners. But did you know that these products contain acidic chemicals that could cause irreparable damage to your pipes? Naturally, not all products are made from the same chemicals and some are certainly more dangerous than others. But one thing they all have in common is that they are extremely dangerous, not just to your plumbing and your health but to the environment as well.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Your drains are not something you think about on a daily basis. Which makes it that much more of a hassle when your shower drain has clogged or your kitchen sink. At Plumbing Plus we have 3 signs to look for in order to avoid these frustrating situations.

  • Slow Drains -
    If you notice that your drain is draining slower than it normally does, it could be for several different reasons. It could be hair, grease or even soap scum build up.
  • Strange Odors -
    unpleasant odors that are coming from your plumbing fixtures can often equate that sewer gas or waste is sitting in your drainage system and in need of cleaning.
  • Gurgling Sounds -
    Gurgling noises coming from your toilet or drain is never a good sign. This signal means it is time to take action and call for expert Poway drain cleaning services. It could be air that is trapped within your drain.

Benefits Of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Plumbing Plus offers a wide variety of equally effective drain-cleaning products that provide a safe, green alternative to common drain cleaners. Our Poway drain cleaning experts will use completely different methods, like bacteria that eat through the clogs.

Some Of The Many Benefits Of Our Poway Drain Cleaning Services Include:

  • Gets rid of clogs without causing damage to your pipes
  • Does not hurt the environment
  • Keeps you and your family safe from the harmful effects of continued chemical use
  • Provides you with a great value at a great price point

The drain cleaning process can be done efficiently and without further harm to your plumbing system or the environment. We can also provide you with tips to avoid smelly drains and advice on how to prevent future clogs.

4 Ways to Avoid Needing Drain Cleaning

1. Put a hair-stopper on your shower drain - The number one reason we get called into any home is to take hair out of the shower drain. These hair-filters are cheap pieces of plastic that will save your wallet and drains from constant cleaning and repair.

2. Consider a lint-trap for your washing machine - Don't you ever wonder where all the dirt and debris from your clothes goes when your washing machine is finished. Well the answer is that it will clog your drain line if you don't install a lint-trap.

3. Rinse your drains - Just because you can't see your drains doesn't mean you shouldn't clean them. You should rinse your drains once per month with a combination of vinegar and warm water. Ice cubes work great to clean out your garbage disposal.

4. Be careful about what you put in your garbage disposal - Coffee grounds, egg shells, bones, pasta, celery and cooking oils should all be disposed of in your trash. Cooking oils and grease will latch onto your pipes and block passing by food.

Contact Plumbing Plus today and see the difference we can make! We are the team to call for top-quality yet affordable drain cleaning in Poway, San Diego, and surrounding areas.

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    “My grandmother had a leaky water heater so I called up Plumbing Plus to see if they could come out that day to take and look and/or replace, if needed. They came out within a couple hours of my ...”

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  • Highly recommend!

    “My grandmother had a leaky water heater so I called up Plumbing Plus to see if they could come out that day to take and look and/or replace, if needed. They came out within a couple hours of my ...”

    - Taylor R.
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