San Diego County Camera Inspections

San Diego County Sewer Camera Inspections

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For over 35 years, Plumbing Plus has provided thousands of customers with quality plumbing solutions. Sewer camera inspections are done in order to assess and diagnose issues in the main sewer line.

If you suspect you have a clog in your drain, a camera inspection can not only tell us whether or not the clog is there but also what kind of clog it is. Is it something that can be pulled out with an auger? Or is it something that would require a hydro jetting service? Is it in an accessible area? A camera inspection can reveal all the answers.

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We bring you industry-leading plumbing technicians expertly trained in the latest sewer camera inspection processes who can deliver outstanding results. Upon diagnosis, we can provide you with an upfront and honest estimate and follow it up with efficient and reliable work.

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How It Works

The sewer camera inspection process works by attaching a camera to a special rod that is then placed in the main sewer line and moved through to detect signs of damage. A connected screen allows the technician to see what is going on. The footage can even be recorded to review for added accuracy.

Sewer camera inspections can be used in conjunction with hydro jetting, a machine that uses highly pressurized water to clear out the main sewer line. This can relieve your main sewer line of any debris in the pipes quickly and efficiently.

Some Of The Many Benefits Of Sewer Camera Inspections Include:

  • It’s the least invasive way to determine the source of your problem
  • You can ensure the quality of your line, which can mean long-term energy savings
  • Clogs can be prevented with routine inspections
  • The risk of water damage is significantly reduced

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