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Does your home’s water taste strange or smell odd? Does it damage your delicates in the laundry? Does it leave residue on your dishes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your home’s water quality may be quite poor. A water quality system from Plumbing Plus can greatly improve your water.

The Benefits Of Filtered Or Treated Water Include:

  • Odor-free and better taste
  • No dangerous chemicals that can cause illness
  • Savings from buying water from the store
  • General health improvements, including softer skin after showers and baths
  • Less damage and scale buildup caused to water fixtures with each and extended use

There are several ways you can improve the water in your home, including water filtration and water conditioning systems. Let a plumbing professional sit down with you, discuss your water treatment options, and help choose the best fit for your needs.

Call a Poway plumber at (858) 251-6812 to arrange a water quality service in Poway today.

Improving Water Quality In Poway, San Diego & Beyond

At Plumbing Plus, we provide custom water quality solutions for customers who want top-of-the-line technology to create cleaner, better-tasting water. We have access to a variety of water treatment technologies and methods. We have experience providing service for all your plumbing needs, from tankless water heater installation, emergency plumbing services, and more. We have the knowledge and skill to help you find the best solution for your home, business, or other properties.

Call (858) 251-6812 to learn about your options for water conditioning systems and water filtration in Poway today!

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The Plumbing Plus Difference
  • Focused on Customer Service

    We strive to put a smile on every customers' face and provide 5 star service.

  • 24/7 Emergency Services

    We know that emergencies happen which is why we are available when you need us.

  • Personalized Service

    We provide a boutique, personalized experience to every customer.

  • Utilize Advanced Technology

    We use the latest systems and technology to make every job run smoothly.

  • Strong Reputation

    We have a good reputation for being available and reliable.

  • Established Business

    We have been serving San Diego since 1984, with quality plumbing services.

    “I had a long list of items ranging from replacing our water regulator outside, two leaky faucets (probably from ongoing water regulator issues), a bathtub gasket and hooking up an oven. I experienced two technicians coming out, Corrie and Lamonte, and could not have been happier with both of them. They were both smart guys that could diagnose the issues and also think outside the box for solutions. They were highly professional and just all around friendly.”

    Bethany K.

Poway Water Conditioning Systems

At Plumbing Plus, we recommend FLOW-TECH water conditioning systems to solve scale buildup and other hard water problems in your home. Unlike traditional water softeners that eliminate hard minerals using sodium or potassium ions, FLOW-TECH generates a signal that pulses thousands of times per second and multiplies throughout your whole plumbing system. This signal then reverses the charge of the hard minerals, so they become suspended and flow down the drain without any negative effects on you.

Our Water Conditioning Systems Come With Many Benefits, Including:

  • 5-year warranty on media
  • 10-year warranty on all parts
  • Extended lifespan of your faucets, pipes, water heater, and dishwasher
  • Savings on detergents and soaps
  • Softer and brighter clothes
  • Healthier and softer skin

Types Of Water Filtration Systems

Water that comes from a municipal source is treated so that we can safely consume it. Chemicals are used in this water treatment process. Once this treated water makes its way to your home or business it is best to remove the chemicals and their by-products by installing water filtration systems.

There Are Different Types Of Water Filtration Systems Available To The Market Including:

  • Activated carbon
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ion exchange
  • UV filters

Along with the installation of either a point-of-use or whole-house water filtration system, we can provide you with our annual service agreement to ensure your water remains at its very best.

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