San Diego County Slab Leak Detection

San Diego County Slab Leak Detection

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Locating Plumbing Leaks Quickly

Have you ever searched for, "leak detection services near me?" and not been able to find a good company for you our your house hold? Whether there’s a sudden surge in your water bill or you are seeing stains on your walls and ceiling, contact Plumbing Plus for fast, accurate water leak detection in San Diego County. The technicians are highly skilled professionals who are fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools to locate a leak inside or outside your home. We charge affordable rates and focus on premier customer service. Additionally, we offer gas leak detection and repair services.

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How To Know If You Have A Gas Leak?

Detecting a gas leak is difficult if you do not know the telltale signs. Unrepaired gas leaks are extremely dangerous, as they can cause fatal poisonings or trigger sudden, violent explosions in the presence of a spark or open flame.

Signs Of A Gas Leak Include:

  • A rotten egg smell, especially near sources of gas
  • Hissing sounds near source of the gas
  • Reduced gas line pressure
  • Ice formation on gas pipes

Call a gas plumbing specialists in San Diego County immediately if you detect or have ample reason to suspect a gas leak in your home.

Custom Leak Detection Services Your Wallet Will Love

Whether you need leak detection and repair for visible leaks, slab leaks, or gas leaks, you can count on us to offer competitive prices for top-of-the-line work. We equip our team with state-of-the-art equipment and intensive training, so they perform the best job possible for our customers. When you choose Plumbing Plus, you will know right away that you and your home are in good hands! Take a look at our reviews!

Contact us today for accurate leak detection in San Diego County. Emergency services are available.

Why Choose Us?

The Plumbing Plus Difference


Focused on Customer Service

We strive to put a smile on every customers' face and provide 5 star service.


24/7 Emergency Services

We know that emergencies happen which is why we are available when you need us.


Personalized Service

We provide a boutique, personalized experience to every customer.


Utilize Advanced Technology

We use the latest systems and technology to make every job run smoothly.


Strong Reputation

We have a good reputation for being available and reliable.


Established Business

We have been serving San Diego since 1984, with quality plumbing services.

Slab Leak Damages & How To Fix Them

Slab leaks are caused by pipes under or in your home’s foundation cracking and leaking. The steady yet small leak will gradually wear down the foundation and spike your water utility bill. It could even cause an eventual structural collapse in some cases.

Slab Leaks Commonly Results In Extensive Damage To The Following Parts Of Your Home:

  • The foundation
  • Flooring
  • Carpeting
  • Basements and lower floors

Plumbing Plus's San Diego County plumbers can provide numerous fixes, depending on the type of slab leak. For smaller leaks, we can repipe problem areas, replace part of the water line, or use epoxy restoration. For larger leaks, we will need to carefully assess the situation and discuss the solutions with you.

Using The Latest Equipment To Find & Fix Water Leaks

The process of locating pipe leaks used to be expensive and time-consuming, given the amount of digging, repair, and cleanup that was required. Nowadays, technology has advanced, so the process is not only shorter but also much safer and more efficient.

What Can You Expect From Our Leak Detection Services In:

  • Short and safe exploratory digging
  • Straightforward price estimation
  • Video inspection at attractive rates
  • Informative line tracing

At Plumbing Plus, we tailor our services to our customers’ needs, and we value their time. In most cases, we are able to dispatch a team of technicians to your home the same day you contact us, and not just for emergencies.

“I have been a customer of Plumbing Plus for several years now. They have replaced my water heater, found and repaired two separate leaks, serviced my water heater (replaced the 'sacrificial anode), and replaced the pressure regulator that was making a high pitched squeal every time we turned on the water. I am always impressed with their professional work ethic. They arrive on time, quickly determine the nature of my problem and have always executed an effective solution. Best of all, they clean up after themselves. Their prices are competitive and the quality of their work is outstanding”

- Christopher D.

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