San Diego County Toilet Repair & Replacement

San Diego County Toilet Repair & Replacement

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Solving All Kinds Of Toilet Problems

Plumbing Plus knows that toilets are one of the most important parts of a home and when they aren’t working properly, it can be a huge inconvenience to everyone in your household. Toilet malfunction can include issues when flushing, defective hardware, clogging, non-stop running, loose toilet handles, and leaking tanks.

Plumbing Plus has the tools and knowledge to work with any toilet that you need to have repaired. Call (858) 260-3140 to learn more about our expert plumbing services.

Leaking or overflowing toilets are quite common, and the simplest actions can lead to this type of damage. Fortunately, Plumbing Plus is available 24/7 to respond to any emergency you may be having.

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The Importance Of Prompt Toilet Repairs

Toilets are complex fixtures that have been designed so that all the parts work together. When one element of this equation goes on the fritz, it can create a long list of problems. Thankfully, a trained plumbing technician will know how each piece works together and what needs to be done when a particular part is malfunctioning. Addressing all toilet issues right away is not only safer but also comes with many benefits

Benefits Of Toilet Repairs, Include:

  • Long-term water savings
  • Uncompromised sanitation and safety of your bathroom
  • Enhanced functionality

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Signs You Need Toilet Repair

  • Your toilet working is something that you may take for granted on a day to day basis. That is, until your toilet decides that it's going to stop working at the most inconvenient time. This large inconvenience can disrupt your entire day, but at Plumbing Plus, we have a few signs that you can look for to avoid this nightmare scenario.

    • Gurgling Noises -

      If your toilet is making gurgling noises, it could be that there is blockage in the drain vents. As sewer gas bubbles escape through the vents, they'll make that gurgling noise you are hearing. Contact us as soon as your start to hear these odd noises.

    • Faulty Flushing -

      Have you had to flush your toilet more than once in order for it to fully flush? your handle most likely has a mechanism that is failing. Faulty flushing can also be a sign that your water jets in your toilet are clogged or you have low water pressure. If you are experiencing any of these problems, make sure to contact us for professional help.

    • Constant Clogging -

      Having a toilet clog from time to time is a normal thing and nothing to worry about. But, if your toilet is clogging ever single time you flush it, it could be that there is severe blockage in your plumbing system and your toilet needs a professional to come and take a look at it.

Knowing When It’s Time For A Replacement

If you’re having frequent issues with your current toilet, consider upgrading to a newer model. We offer a variety of toilets including water-conserving toilet units from premier vendors who boast unmatched quality, innovation, and sleek design to make your bathroom and home more modern.

Other Signs That You Need Toilet Replacement Include:

  • Excessive age or 30 years upwards
  • Cracks in the porcelain
  • Wobbling
  • Inefficient flushing

Working With Your Budget

Frequent toilet repairs or unexpected toilet replacement can leave a dent in your wallet. This is why we do our best to work with your budget. We provide all of our customers with a reliable estimate upfront before beginning our work, so they aren’t left with surprises at the end of the day. Plumbing Plus is proud to be a family-owned business and we strive to treat our customers like family as well. Take a look at what everyone is saying by looking at our reviews!

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